About Us

Boy Writing on a Blackboard

Interactive Ilm is a monthly subscription service brought to you by a former Quran and Islamic Studies teacher turned stay at home mom. I spent close to 10 years teaching Quran and Islamic Studies to children of many ages. Fast forward to now as my twins are approaching their third year, I began to worry about teaching them Arabic and wondered constantly how this may affect their relationship with the Quran in the future. My dream of teaching them Arabic also became more distant as I gave birth to my third child. I wanted to introduce them to the Arabic language and the Quran, but because I was constantly pressed for time, I found it difficult to find worksheets and activities that were ready to go and didn't require much preparation. I also wanted FUN activities that would grab their attention for the time we were learning.

Also, in my journey of teaching, I was an English teacher with a B.A. in English. I spent 8 years teaching phonics, vocabulary, reading and writing to children of all ages. I realized that teaching English was easy, with readily available material and numerous activities and worksheets. Sadly I couldn't say the same for Arabic. To solve this problem, I decided to take this experience of teaching literacy and brought my love for all things hands-on to the Arabic language. And in the process of preparing materials for my kids, interactive ilm was born! An organized, consistent, fun, monthly subscription box that requires minimum preparation. All you have to do is subscribe!

                                                                                                -Um Zayd