4 Lessons from my first month teaching the twins Arabic

Alhamdulilah, at the beginning of this month I noticed that the twins were super interested in learning, and the teacher in me was so excited because I kinda was waiting for it! So I made the decision to focus only on Arabic from 3 years old to five years old and so this meant that we were going to do Arabic letters along with a few vocabulary words from the Quran. To stay organized, (and plan the themes of the subscription boxes), I laid out themes for us to follow. This is what my first 4 months will look like for them (and my subscribers :)):

Month 1: Animals in the Quran

Month 2: Colors in the Quran

Month 3: Numbers in the Quran

Month 4: Insects in the Quran

Alhamdulilah our first month turned out great and I learned some lessons along the way that I will definitely be using the upcoming month inshaAllah!

Here are the lessons!

  1. Introduce words one at a time

The first week I was so excited to teach the twins, I brought all the letters and animals to them and was ready to teach. By week two, I realized that they weren't recalling much. So I had to regroup and for week two I decided to show them just 2-3 animals per week and designed specific worksheets and games that focus solely on those animals. The results were amazing and the slower pace was definitely less stressful for us.

*Note*: This was actually one of the main reasons I decided to divide the activities in the box into weeks. The slow pace and repetition have led to amazing results for us!

2. Sometimes they won't say a word perfectly and that's OKAY!

Okay, did you guys notice how many (ح)s are in the Arabic language?! When we were reading and I found myself pressing the twins on how to say words they were unable to pronounce, I had to step back and let them say it how they heard it. Amazingly, the more they heard it over the weeks, the better their pronunciation got Alhamdulilah. So now they say حمار like pros.

3. Repeat, repeat and repeat some more

Repetition was definitely key in teaching the vocabulary words. We looked for these animals in books, we watched virtual Zoo videos and named the animals, and we used the activities I set up weekly in the box. Soon enough they were saying the names of these animals without my help.

4. Supplement as much as possible

This kind of goes hand in hand with number 3. We tried basically to find animals anywhere we can and drilled it in. Even if the book was in English, we named the animals in Arabic. I also used animal puzzles and would ask them to find the (فيل) and so on. Soon enough, they were naturally referring to Animals in Arabic rather than English.

It was definitely a fun experience and I loved hearing them use Arabic words in their games and conversations with one another!

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