Arabic Alphabet Tracking Sheets (Recognition, Sounds & Writing)

Asalamu Alikum!

Since summer time is over, and the kids are going back to learning, I figured it might be a good time to make an Arabic alphabet progress sheet available. That sounds intense but basically its a piece of paper to track your child's progress. This is actually similar to a sheet that I used to use as an English teacher to test background knowledge of new students. It gave me an idea of where the students were and what they needed practice/review on.

(Letters are written out of order to ensure proper recognition. Sometimes kids know the alphabet song so they sing it or say the letters without properly recognizing them)

Who will this help?

This should be helpful to parents and instructors. If you are a parent who is currently taking over teaching because of the pandemic, and would like to know where to start with your child, then this is for you! Your child may also be taking classes on Zoom/online and need some reinforcement from you. Use this sheet to see what letters he/she would need more practice or assistance with.

Instructors with new students who want to get an idea of where to start their student, this is also for you!

What should you use this for?

This sheet is mainly to see where your child is in terms of letter recognition, and writing. You can take it a step further and ask them the sounds as well if that is something your child was learning.

How should you use this?

  1. Place the sheet of paper in front of the child and let them know that you want to see how well they read their letters.

Avoid saying things like, "I am going to test you" or "this is a test to see how you do" because that can stress some children making them nervous enough to mix up the letter or anxious enough to forget them. You want to make the child feel as comfortable as possible.

2. Point to the letters and give the child a chance to tell you what it is.

Guide them by saying "what do you think this letter is called"? If he/she does not know, give some words of encouragement and proceed to the next letter.

3. Continue this until you complete the letters.

Note how the key uses words such as (R) for recognized, (WR) for incorrect recognition and (P) for requiring more practice. You don't want to cross out anything or put a big X on letters in front of your child. You can make these small markings and review the sheet at a later time not in their presence.

4. Keep this copy and reassess at the end of the school year.

To track what your child has completed through out the year, date this copy and keep it for reference. Re-print this at the end of the school year and assess again to see where he/she is now. I like to pull it out sometimes in the middle of the school year to see if we're headed in the right direction.

Progress Sheet
Download PDF • 117KB

Hope you benefit from this betinillah! Download pdf below.

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