Free PDF Ramadan Prompts 🌙

To continue the Ramadan countdown, this week's post includes ten writing/drawing prompt topics to get your child thinking about the upcoming special month. Prompts are one of my favorite ways of getting into a child's head. It gives you a chance to hear their unique ideas and thoughts.

Often times, it can feel easier to push your child aside during Ramadan and focus on worship, iftar, and taraweeh until they are of fasting age. What if you can start instilling that love of Ramadan into your child’s heart now? What if they can be ready when it's time for the them to participate fully?

How to use prompts:

Begin by allowing your child to speak all their feelings about Ramadan. What do they find difficult and what do they find easy? What small step do they feel ready to perform? Then follow their lead!

Some questions to ponder while reading answers to the prompts.

How does your child view Ramadan?

What can be done to bring excitement to this month?

Do they feel included in the acts of worship?

PDF • 1.03MB

To get started, download attached PDF!

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