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Asalamu Alikum!

Read Amina's answers below regarding her experience with our Arabic monthly subscription box!

"Salaam! My name is Amina. I am a stay at home mother to 6 wonderful children and I have a Bachelors Of Science Degree in Health Systems Management. I work as a billing coordinator at a group practice. My hobbies include bike riding with my kids and shopping."

1. Why did you decide to subscribe to interactive ilm’s Arabic box? 

Amina: "I decided to subscribe to interactive ilm’s box because I have always wanted to teach my children the Arabic language. The interactive ilm box incorporates interactive teaching techniques which make it very easy to use."

2. How old are your children and what were you hoping they would get out of this subscription?

Amina: "I utilize the interactive ilm box for 2 of my children. Ibrahim is 4 and Asiya is 3. I was hoping to teach them how to read the alphabet letters and for them to be able to read the Quran." 

3. How have you been using the boxes with them?

Amina: "The box lays out step by step process on how to teach the material. The weekly folder contains worksheets, flash cards, and coloring sheets which makes the learning easy and fun."

4. Do you feel that the material was appropriate for Elementary Arabic? 

Amina: "Yes, it is very appropriate. The box is set up so the kids can learn one letter each week and this way they will not be overwhelmed with more than 1 letter. It is very engaging for little kids because there is different types of activities such as coloring, arts and crafts, stickers and play dough. This all in one box is very convenient because we don’t have to go to stores to buy materials, rather everything is provided in the box."

5. As a parent, If you can choose one thing you love the most about the box you receive, what would it be?

Amina: "One thing I love the most about this box is that everything is hands on. The children get to learn using a variety  of methods and techniques."

Would you recommend this subscription box and why? 

Amina: "Yes, I would highly recommend this tool for children. There are so many resources out there for the English alphabet but not many for the Arabic alphabet. Having this for your kids is a gateway for them to be familiar with the Arabic language so in the future it will be easier for them to memorize the Quran inshallah."

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